Is Lenin a mushroom?

Sometimes our team gets questions about why we use the image of Lenin in our symbols.

The festival is placed in Belarus country with former bolshevism traditions. We involve theater, artists to interpret symbols and history. We work with the audience’s reaction and participants’ as well.

A little history of how Lenin is related to cinematography. Firstly, we know Lenin’s statement that cinematography is the most important of the arts. Everyone is aware of the advanced period of Soviet cinema. This period is associated with such names as Dziga Vertov, Sergei Eisenstein, and others. The School of Soviet Cinema is a pantheon of famous names: Tarkovsky, German, Sokurov, and a wide range of others. Apparently, certain inertia of cinematography development was connected with Lenin.

Secondly, what is interesting is that later, when the Soviet Union collapsed, it was convincingly proved that Lenin is a mushroom. In this regard, the role of micromycetes in cinematography becomes apparent. Our film festival has made an epistemological breakthrough because now we have no doubt that Lenin is nothing but broccoli!