We are pleased to welcome you to the virtual cinema of the Short Movie Club. This website features the best short films available online. You will find a program of animation, documentaries, experimental shorts, and fiction program.  Also, you will find the most interesting thematic movies that are available on the Internet. These are films about human rights, feminist films, environmental cinema. Please note, our collection is constantly growing!

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Best Short Films

Why do we consider these movies the best? The fact is that these films were selected for the competition programs of our festival. So for us it’s the best movies that have been selected out of thousands. Of course, the concept of our festival influenced their selection. So we don’t want to be offensive to anyone with the word “best.”
This website presents only a small fraction of the films. Because most of them have not been put on the Internet yet. You could say that this is the tip of the iceberg. So, welcome to our festival, where you can watch these shorts on the big screen in maximum quality.
And now about each program in more detail.

best short films


The animation program of the last year included films revealing existential questions of present-day Europe, cutting-edge works, and, of course, a new genre of animation in self-isolation.


The documentary program of the festival is represented by films in which the subject matter is cinema itself, the screen and forms of media, as well as the individual, in the context of the postcolonial era and globalism.


The program of experimental movies included works marked by the characteristic of contemporary relevance in an environment of excessive media flux and fascination. We are trying to figure out the boundary between the real and the virtual.


The concept of the program is based on the postulate that films are not divided into feature and short films aesthetically. Here you can see fiction or narrative cinema. This is a rather conservative and complex genre. On the one hand, the so-called big cinema dictates a certain direction. This vector seems to suggest a possible access to the mass audience. It’s as if it hints to us: follow certain standards, and we will be accepted into the distribution system. On the other hand, short films live by their own logic. Moreover, short films are gaining popularity. They are popular not at all for what they attract feature-length films. They are interesting for their innovativeness, for their experiments in form. That is why the division into genres within short films is conditional. Everything has to be experimental. In our selection of fiction films we focus on both experimentation and incredible artistic impact.

Thematic short films

The collection is dedicated to human rights. We collected shorts about refugees, people with disabilities, and the rights of minorities.

Women are involved in the film industry in all roles, including film directors, actresses, cinematographers, film producers, film critics, and other film industry professions, though women have been underrepresented in creative positions.

Unfiltered Cinema

As usual, we wish for authors of high-quality films can present their films and get feedback, communicate with the audience and other artists. Even cinema enthusiasts and volunteers host our gust. For this purpose, the festival arranges such a non-competitive, democratic and rock-n-roll section as the “Unfiltered Cinema” every year.

There are a lot of movies on the Internet. But it’s not easy to find them. The first pages of the search are usually the ones that suit the mass taste. We hope you found our selection interesting.

If you are filmmaker you can submit your short here.