From April 14 to 21 we are resuming screenings! Yes, in Belarus we continue the format of underground events. During this time, we will show all the programs to the Belarusian audience.

But most importantly, we will hold a series of screenings abroad. The first screening is scheduled for May 3, 7 pm at CreateCulture Space (Karmelitų 5 Vilnius, Lithuania). A program of Belarusian films will be shown.

What happened?

IX Nefiltravanae Kino film festival was banned on March 21 and the permit just disappeared from the Ministry of Culture website. The reason is obvious. This is purely due to politics. We are undesirable and intolerable to the ruling regime.

All screenings at the movie theater “mooon” were taken down, even though many tickets had been purchased. Inspectors came to the cinema and terrified the administration.

We had to take security measures and move to a safe place.

But we are not cancelling the festival and the screenings are resumed!

Stay tuned!