The IX Nefiltravanae Kino screenings continue on July 20-22, 2023 in Vilnius (Lithuania) at the Ideas Block and the CreateCulture Space venues. All screenings start at 7pm. Each day is dedicated to a different programme. A Video art programme will open the events at the Ideas Block. The second day’s evening will be devoted to[…]


From April 14 to 21 we are resuming screenings! Yes, in Belarus we continue the format of underground events. During this time, we will show all the programs to the Belarusian audience. But most importantly, we will hold a series of screenings abroad. The first screening is scheduled for May 3, 7 pm at CreateCulture Space[…]

artificial intelligence film festival

Artificial Intelligence Film Section

Artificial Intelligence in the Film Festival The Film Festival “Nefiltravanae Kino” announces a unique film program composed by artificial intelligence. The selection of films and the winners in the new section will be carried out by a two-layer convolution neural network. The model has been trained to mark films, using more than fifty information parameters[…]

covid film industry

April COVID-cinema news

Updated lists of film grants, free courses, streams, and major festivals … April COVID news Well, they say it’s a tough time for the film industry. We have updated the list of film grants for 2020. We also want to present you a mini-guide to the most prestigious film festivals. Look details here Did you know that Toronto[…]