There are several ways to create subtitles (SubRip) for your movie. You can try to make them automatically using speech recognition in Youtube Creative Studio or other services. But it works well provided the speech is sufficiently articulate and there is no noise or music in the background. In this article we will show you an easy way to manually subtitle in the Subtitle Edit program. This program can be used to edit automatically generated subtitles.

1. Download free the program and install it on your computer (for Windows and Linux OS only).

2. Open the program and add a video file to the movie you want to add subtitles to. Select the “Create” tab.

3. Set the video at that moment of time where the text of subtitles should appear.  Click “Insert new subtitle at video pos”. Type the text. In our example it is “Hello! You should see the subtitle text on your video.

The duration of the subtitles is set automatically, in our case it is one second. You can adjust the duration manually. In our case we increased the duration from 1.000 to 1.500 sec. You can change the duration by playing the video up to the frame after which the subtitles should disappear. Then just click “Set end time” (See the bottom arrow). In this way insert the subtitles throughout the whole movie.

4.Save the file. In order to do this select the SubRip (.srt) format and UTF-8 encoding.

The Subtitle Edit program has a lot of features for creating and editing subtitles. We have considered the minimum options to make them. We hope that this article will help you make the subtitle file easily by yourself.

Why do film festivals require an English subtitle file if the film is in English?

If a film festival takes place in a state other than an English-speaking country, it must be translated for local audiences. This is done using a universal file format that is loaded to the projected video file or converted to DCP.
Having an English subtitle file makes it much easier to create a foreign language SubRip and translate the film. The fact is that the SubRip file contains timing. Creating timing even with a dialog list is very time-consuming. As a rule, the dialog list only counts minutes and seconds. The captions are matched in the Subrip file frame by frame or millisecond by millisecond.