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What is the greatest challenge for a filmmaker? Finding funds, crew, script, distribution… We described the most important filmmaker challenges of movie making according to the Short Movie Club poll and gold trash on FB comments are related to this topic. Just check it out: “The greatest filmmaker challenge is to deal with the most unprofessional stubborn and lazy Producer who was also playing the main character in the movie” (Salman Awaan)


Finding funds (61% of filmmaker challenges)

Yes, most of all answers called the problem with funds finding as a most acute for filmmakers. “We need money as a fuel for the movie, for movie making”. Even if your film has a zero budget you should eat something and feed your crew. But you need brilliant actors and smart DOP who will not drown a camera in the bath. So yes. the next challenge is your crew.

Crew (26% of filmmaker challenges)

In fact, the greatest challenge can be getting actors to stop bitching and complaining all the motherf..king time. So to get a committed team behind you and let them feel being an important part of the process.


filmmaker challenge

Keeping balance (7% challenges of moviemaking)

Working on a project that you have poured your heart and soul in, and have it test your patience with too much time being taken to make it. Wearing too many hats at the same time, writer, producer, director, editor, etc. Too easy to lose your creative eye when you are so busy with production logistics. Everything with your first film, everything that could go wrong went wrong, but it can make you a master of improvisation.

Script (5%)

A screenplay is the most important thing for 5% of cinematographers. The finding of a good script or adoption can be turned out a basic thing od inspiration or a good film.

Other (1%)

I placed here problems with equipment, location, etc. Many filmmakers suppose to resolve this with money. So these issues can be cover by funds.

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