Does it really seem that the issues of independent cinema are no longer relevant and are already in the past? Is filmmaking turning into the destiny of balding veterans? Information and media trends are changing very fast in the world. Teenagers hardly use Facebook or Twitter anymore. Instagram is getting older, too. The same thing[…]

Filmmakers stories

Filmmakers & Filmmaking Stories: James Dilg

We filmed the outside scenes downtown Great Falls around 12-1 pm. A lot of workers have their lunch at that time which was funny, us being outside w/ a gimbal operator on a wheelchair going backwards to film our talent walking w/ a big boom mic and great falls being on their lunch to watch[…]


HOW I GOT INTO MAKING FILMS by Moira Rowan The Short Movie Club launches a column that dedicates filmmaking contexts. We will share the filmmaker’s stories about how they got into making films or about the challenges they were faced with. We hope that this article would be interesting not for filmmakers only but for all[…]

What film festivals should i submit to?

What film festivals should I submit to? The festivals landscape is not the same as it was five or ten years ago. There are thousands of festivals you can find on the Filmfreeway. Their number reaches 10.000 almost. Majority of the festivals demands entry fee. Thus a festival circuit can be not cheap for a[…]


Is making a short film an obstacle course? What is the greatest challenge for a filmmaker? Finding funds, crew, script, distribution… We described the most crucial challenges of film making according to the Short Movie Club poll as well as tons of FB comments are related to this topic. Just check it out: “The greatest filmmaker challenge is to deal[…]