Where are we with no-budget and micro-budget shorts?

We have already reviewed the average budget for a short film. In addition, we have done research on the factors, including the budget, that determine the success of a film. This time we chose the topic of low-budget, micro-budget, and no-budget films. For simplicity, we will refer to films that are made with no budget at all or with a micro-budget. By such cases, we mean when the crew members are not remunerated. There are no expenses for equipment rentals. 

We took the amount of $150 as the maximum for such cases. It turned out that a significant number of the films selected for our festival over the past five years were no-budget or micro-budget. However, this was mostly in the experimental film section, video art, out-of-genre cinema, etc. Perhaps this has to do with the concept of our festival, as we have already written about here and here. We focus on experimentation with form and innovative solutions. Such efforts often do not require a great deal of financial investment.

A good illustration of a successful low-budget film is Save (directed by Iván Sáinz-Pardo). This film was selected at 600 festivals and won over 100 awards. This film is now in the public access. 

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