The best websites for short films and filmmakers in 2021

Obviously, we should not undervalue the importance of the website in the press kit to promote the film. This year, like the previous year, we decided to mark out the most interesting promotional websites that are dedicated to a short film, a production company, or a filmmaker. We couldn’t get past them when we considered the festival entries in 2021.¬†

It’s already becoming our tradition to highlight not only the film, but everything going on around it. Press kit is used to promote the films, which we review carefully. For example, we’ve picked out the best backstage photos. As the saying goes, a creative person does everything around himself creatively.

So this time we used the following criteria to determine the winners: non-standard (non-template) site, the creativity of the site structure or content.

So we had four winners. Enjoy!

1. The website for Michael Higgins (Experimental Film Society, Open Night Cinema, Cinema Cyanide)

best promo website

2. The website for

3. The website for Claudia Tuyet Scheffel

best promo website fo filmmaker 2021

4. The website for Dmitry Zakharov

the best filmmaker website

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