… according to the titles of the short films

Hello, everyone. This time we’re going to talk about movie titles. What are the typical names authors choose for their short films? What words do filmmakers choose? Are there any patterns?

So we took ten and a half thousand short film titles that have been submitted to film festivals over the past five years. Then we created a semantic kernel through a computer-stemming program. The result really surprised us. Not only was it fun, but it also gave us food for thought. A lot of thought. So, here we go.


If we don’t take into account articles and prepositions. It is understandable and explainable, caused by the structure of any sentence. However, the pronoun I (MY, ME) is in the lead. It tops the list by a very significant margin! “I (MY, ME)” occurs 315 times. In comparison, “YOU (YOUR, HER, HER)” is used more than half as often, i.e., 145 times. It is even rarer to speak of us in the first person plural (WE, WE) – 44 times. About them in the third person (THEY, THEY) is quite rare – 10 times.

film title pronounce


Let it not appear that everything is hopelessly drowning in selfishness. Here first place goes to … Any idea? In truth, it’s not hard to guess at all. I’ll give you a hint, it’s a feeling. Of course, the leader is LOVE. Love was the undisputed winner, with a total of 95 uses.
Equally important is LIFE (60). If you add LIFE (15), you get 75. At the same time, DEATH has a frequency two times lower, i.e., 29 times. So, feelings come first.

words in the title of the short film

And now we introduce a hit parade of things and phenomena:

  1. Love – 95
  2. Life – 60
  3. Story – 52
  4. Night – 50
  5. Man – 49
  6. Time – 47
  7. Day – 46
  8. Dream – 42
  9. Home – 39
  10. World – 38
  11. Water – 30
  12. Death – 29


In terms of colours, RED leads with 32. Black and blue are in second place. They both have 25. White – 20. Green – 13. The other colours are sort of unimportant for film titles. If you mixed all the colours, the palette would look like the background in the picture below.

And finally, the cherry on the cake. Let’s imagine how the universe looked like in the representation of the film titles. Well, it looked something like this.

filmmakers see the world

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