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There is a wide range of film grants. Finding funds is the most acute of filmmaker challenges. On this page, we selected lists that contain numerous film grants opportunities in 2020. Filmmakers can choose the most fittable for their projects. Also, there are powerful tools for the storyboarding, and scene ideas, for instance, Milanote.


The top film grants list and resources for filmmakers.

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Film Grant Deadlines Rolling/Various Application Deadlines.

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If you’re looking for a head-start on a different granting season, check out our most recent spring grants, summer grants, and winter grants roundups.

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FilmDaily List

Short Film Grants 2020.

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You can find on this page the list of European subsidies concerning culture. There are many EU initiatives for the promotion of culture: grant programmes, contests, regulations, European Capitals of Culture, European Years etc. Since its inclusion (integration, mentioning) in the Treaty on the European Union, cultural cooperation has become a new community shared competency.

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film grants 2020ScreenCraft accepts for considerations screenplays of short films of all genres, guaranteeing production on at least one project per quarter and up to ten projects per year. Grants will range from $10,000 to $20,000


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FESTIVAL DATES: March 12-14, 2021 VENUES: | Cinema theatre "BELARUS" ...
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Announcement of the VII Film Festival NEFILTRAVANAE KINO

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Finally, after all the twists and turns of 2020, we ...
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Best short film website

The best short film websites

The best websites for short films submitted to our festival ...
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Domestic Violence Cinema

Domestic Violence in Cinema

The United Nations General Assembly has designated November 25 as ...
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Artificial Intelligence Film Section

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Best reviewed festival

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Crowdfunding for filmmakers

Crowdfunding for filmmakers with the Short Movie Club An accelerator ...
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Gender & Film

The rubric is dedicated to research in film theory. Every ...
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Interview with Dekel Berenson

Now our guest, director of the short film ANNA, the ...
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Is Lenin a mushroom?

Sometimes our team gets questions about why we use the ...
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April COVID-cinema news

Updated lists of film grants, free courses, streams, and major festivals  ...
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Nefiltravanae Kino

SMCFF 2020. How it was…

Going back to past events again. I wonder how we ...
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Filmmakers & Filmmaking Stories: James Dilg

We filmed the outside scenes downtown Great Falls around 12-1 ...
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