Crowdfunding for filmmakers

Crowdfunding for filmmakers with the Short Movie Club

crowdfunding for filmmakers

An accelerator of crowdfunding for filmmakers. The film crowdfunding campaign can be more effective with the Short Movie Club.

Hello, we’ve upgraded our accelerating crowdfunding page. So now you can add your film crowdfunding campaign to the Short Movie Club list. Then we will make a mass mailing and, possibly, share your campaign through Facebook ads. It is completely free for you and it entirely adjusts to our idea of horizontal communication in the film industry.

Sounds good? ok. Then you should do a few steps to start.

The first step to accelerate the crowdfunding campaign

Start the film crowdfunding campaign on such crowdfunding platforms as Indiegogo or Kickstarter. (The full list of film crowdfunding websites will be soon).

The second step of crowdfunding for filmmakers

Please, fill the form below. We recommend to do it at the beginning of your crowdfunding campaign. Because it can enhance the chances of successful fundraising on Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc. Your fundraising project will appear at the list shortly. We need time to verify the project from a few hours until a few days.

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Short Description of the project

Link to the crowdfunding project (kickstarter/indiegogo etc)

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The third and the last step for movie crowdfunding

We would be grateful for the sharing your film crowdfunding page on your socials. Thanks!