Unfiltered Cinema Section

Non-competitive section “Unfiltered Cinema” implies discussing and impersonal communicating with the audience and other artists. The Short Movie Club tries to avoid “best of the best” way but we don’t ignore it completely, sure. The festival is based on another discourse than “selected” or “not selected”, “competitive” or “non-competitive”. We have to use these words to be understandable in the world of success, leaders, and high gross sales.

|March, 15 | March, 17 |

|”Ў” Gallery for contemporary art

Title Director Length Country Category
A wreck in Paradise, or the preposterous bar challenge François Zaïdi 0:19:55 France Fiction
The Verity Lyndon Ives 0:13:50 UK Fiction
Daughter Mara Tamkovich 0:29:22 Poland Fiction
Dockers Jose Angel Montiel 0:19:07 Spain Fiction
Wild Bred Luis Bolland 0:16:28 Canada Fiction
What are you thinking about? H. J. Leonard 0:05:48 Puerto Rico Experimental
Sergey Lobovikov. Heart—to—heart talk. Maksim Artemev 0:28:46 Germany Non-fiction
Atomic Vacuum Penumbra Carter 0:00:59 UK Experimental
Timetable of the heart – in the center of St Petersburg Lisa Partby 0:14:00 Not Specified Non-fiction
Into the Darkness Chris Tucker 0:02:19 United States Fiction
NENYUKOV’S DREAM Elena Vasyukova 0:30:00 Russia Non-fiction
Tutu & Pointes Iria Pizania 0:12:45 UK Fiction
Gravity Peter Carlos 0:14:45 United States Fiction
The birth of a Violin Bogdan Andreescu Delapalanca 0:04:40 Canada Experimental
Far Away Nicolas Van Ruychevelt 0:23:27 Belgium Fiction
The Nest Marta Skoczeń 0:04:43 Poland Experimental
Generally Not #3 Julian van Grey 0:02:09 Germany Experimental
LOST IN THE MOUNTAINS Bokai Zhang 0:31:08 China Fiction
Frightening Woods Alvaro de la Hoz 0:07:00 Spain Experimental
COCKROACH 嵩 Takashi 大門 Okado 0:04:00 Japan Fiction
The Sculptor Sid Sirkia 0:09:40 Finland, Spain Fiction
Time Shift Thomas Kemnitz 0:05:36 Germany Experimental
9862 Giles Greenwood 0:11:33 UK Fiction
Uncle Ivon CHOU Wei Kang 0:21:08 France Fiction
Chapter Five Payam Razi 0:20:00 Czech Republic Fiction