Submitted films


(Little) Red Riding Hood Stéphane GUENIN; Daniel JENNY United States
7:30 to Paris Hyunjae Lee South Korea
A PRIMEIRA MULHER Alexandre Mortagua Brazil
Agrinoui (in 2D and Stereo 3D) Alexis Chaviaras Cyprus
an anthropologist Alberto Martín-Aragón Spain
An Inconvenient Ruth J. Samuel Ryan USA
Another Empty Space Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro Brazil
ASPIRINA PARA DOR DE CABEÇA philippe costa Brazil
Astrogildo and the Astroship Edson Bastos Brazil
At The Border laurent rouy Serbia
AUTOFAGIA Felipe Soares Brazil
Banalities Rafael de Andrade Brazil
Because they are there JP Fuenzalida Lorca Switzerland
Call for members! Kaihei HASE Japan
Compound Severino Neto Brazil
Crime Confidential Julian Lim Belgium
Discord of the Hyenas Alexander Peskador Austria
Do It For The Finger Sam Thompson USA
dolmen of the orca mark kent Ireland
Don’t Wake, Eurydice Giorgos Efthimiou Greece
Doors Paco Arasanz Spain
DOVNQSNOAN John Manceau Sweden
Dream a little dream of me Massimo Perego Meroni Spain
Drop the Hand Simon O’Neill Ireland
Family:The verdict as follows Lily Yeh Taiwan
Good Night Henning Backhaus Austria
Gray whales and killer whales Albert Arkhipov Russian Federation
HANNA IS BEAUTIFUL Shira Meishar Israel
I Love M.U.M Tuck Fai Leong Malaysia
In the Rough Cappello Vincent France
Iterations Jeremy Speed Schwartz USA
iWitness Georgios Mastrakoulis Greece
Kanashimi Wing Flanagan United States
La Casa de Piedra Vanesa Abajo Perez Spain
Leafless Against the Gray Sky Nick Zoulek United States
Marauder Brendon Rathbone Canada
MUNCH art in a shout Pablo Rozadilla Argentina
November an Invention of the Year 2015 Jean Seban France
Passions Manuel Schuepfer Switzerland
Poor Nigger Fagot Diego Tafarel Brazil
Porphyria Tace Dorris United Kingdom
Priorities Angela Semionas Germany
rock haven luis sebastián castro garrote Spain
SAVE Iván Sáinz-Pardo Germany
Thank you, doctor! Adilet Karzhoev Kyrgyzstan
The last sentence Hyoyoung Jung; Mujin Jung; Youngdon Jung South Korea
The loudest silence Eduardo Bertaina Argentina
The Most Wicked Storm John Beckham USA
The name of the day Marcello Quintella e Boynard Brazil
The Plat-Eye Ron Ford United States
The Signal David Samic France
The Third Wish Job Michiel van Zuijlen USA
THE UNMISSING PART Ahmad Alkhudari Kuwait
toilet adventures Bill Callahan United Kingdom
Tylonoxicateroid J. Samuel Ryan USA
Unframeable Postcards: Aoshima Travelogue William Adams Japan
Virgile Sleeps, 6 sketches for a film Jean Seban France
Why We Went to the Moon Ned Daly United States
Will You Please Be Quiet Please!?! Nathan Morse USA
Your life is a Sunbeam Joshua Collins United States