IV SMCFF: How it was…

Filmmaker is someone who eats anxiety and shits a well-executed group project that people share on YouTube.
Filmmaker is someone who holds a mirror to the world, to show the world its own beauty and its ugly side.
Filmmaker is soundman, cameraman, handyman.... Real man.

The festival was held on February, 23-25. Snow, ice, blue winter sky, hot venues, vine, blasted films, communication circle, night parties and music are details that contents Short Movie Club Film Festival or Unfiltered Cinema (as known for the local audience mostly).

In fact, the fest started on one day before. Dranik-party turned to an informal opening of the festival. Imagine a tight circle of smokers speaking and laughing among silent and snowy forest in the lights of a guest house. The place that magically is center of Minsk almost. The formal communist leaders place looks like a live museum now. A bit ridiculous, a bit amazing even weird sometimes but staying comfortable. Is it a fittable place for inspiration and artwork planning? I’m sure that it has its own unique spirit you can feel rambling in the sleeping sacramental forest.

The first day of the fest was started with an excursion to BelarusFilm one of the leader film studios in Eastern Europe.  The first screening was at Museum of Belarussian Cinema. An unfiltered cinema section was shown. That was continued at Art-space MIOD at night. The second screening was launched with a concert of a music band WARSOBA.

National Center for Contemporary Arts and Cinema theatre “velcom-cinema” were venues of the second festival day. Most of the competitive programmes were shown. More than 5 hours of films were screened. Good work!

The last day was very eventful. The festival was arranged at the huge workshops of the Ok16. An exhibition of private film industry and projects was opened at 2 p.m. Line up of a stage was music bands UNB and EKSTATIKA. A queue was waiting to watch the Virtual Reality section. The rest programmes were shown and a jury came out to select winners. The award ceremony and the concert finalized the festival.

The festival team would like to gratitude participants and the audience and all who helped to organize this celebration of indie cinema spirit!

And we invite to join our festival the next year!

  (Dranik is a national Belarussian meal)

(cooperation through cooking is the first step to a community and brotherhood…)

(frozen and cristal spirit… and hot guest house…)

(Music band WARSOBA, Art-space MIOD, February 23)

(Screening and after-party on February 23)

(discussing at National Centre for Contemporary Arts on February 24)

(Screening before…)

(Fiction section at “velcom-cinema” on February 24)

(Daria Amialcovich is a jury member)

(participants of the fiction section during a discussion…)

(Virtual Reality section at Ok16)

(Virtual Reality Section …)

(Film industry exhibition…)

(Belarussian participants of the festival…)

(Music band EKSTATIKA)

(Music band UNB)

(summarising of the festival…)


(The festival is over but the show must go on…)