Women in cinema

Women In Cinema is the non-competition program of the 7th Short Movie Club Film Festival “NEFILTRAVANAE KINO”. Women are involved in the film industry in all roles, including film directors, actresses, cinematographers, film producers, film critics, and other film industry professions, though women have been underrepresented in creative positions. The total length of the films is 55 minutes.

Considerations of Infinity

Kira Bursky (United States, 14 min)

short film woman in cinema

A metaphysical documentary following an artist’s mental health journey throughout creating a reality bending immersive installation in her apartment, putting her inner world on display.

Filmmaker Kira Bursky chronicles the psychological, spiritual and tangible process of creating an art installation inside her apartment. ‘Considerations of Infinity’ reflects the ideas of her first feature screenplay allowing her to live within the world of the film as she writes. < Film Website>

Pandemic Zoom

Julianna Pitt (United States, 7 min)

film women in cinema

Mid-Pandemic in a quarantined World, bureaucracy must continue, and a Gen-Z teen daughter aids her Judge mother in settling a lovers dispute in Small Claims Court. (Passes Bechdel test) < Website>

Love Lies Bleeding

Angel I-Han Teng (Taiwan, 15 min)

women in cinema

It’s been five years Laura hasn’t seen Hattie since they abruptly broke up due to Laura’s betrayal. Visiting Los Angeles for her touring exhibition, Laura grabs the chance to stay in Hattie’s apartment as a reconnection.
They keep a polite and safe distance. They’re like normal old friends while something slowly reveals. Hattie finally unleashes how much pain she’s suffered when she gets drunk in the bar. However, she switches her mood in a flash.
On the last night before Laura’s flight, they talk in the darkness. The pure attraction seems coming back to them. They’re getting closer until they are so close that they cannot resist the desire any more. They make out.
Laura regards sex as a proof of forgiveness. However, Hattie despises Laura for her recurrent cheating. The joy of sex becomes unbearable laceration inside Laura’s body, like a gunshot.


Kristen Williams (United States, 9 min)

women in cinema

Hereafter is a collection of experimental visions from the beyond. This film incorporates footage shot on 16mm film, film reprinted and reprocessed from 16mm found footage or from digital footage that was then scratched, boiled, flared with light, cross-processed then scanned and composted and reanimated digitally. Hereafter aims to open a dialogue on death; highlighting individual experiences and examining the various thoughts and beliefs of what happens when we die. It asks each of us to examine our own mortality, and our own experiences with death.


Szöllősi Anna (Hungary, 8 min)

short film Helfer

„Helfer” is about a young woman who is struggling with anxiety and recurring nightmares that she wants to end. She seeks out a helper, who offers an alternative solution, but in the process she must confront her greatest fears. The film details their relationship in a surreal world through symbolic events. < Website>

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