Unfiltered Cinema Section

As usual, we wish for authors of high-quality films can present their films and get feedback, communicate with the audience and other artists. Even cinema enthusiasts and volunteers host our gust. For this purpose, the festival arranges such a non-competitive, democratic and rock-n-roll section as the “Unfiltered Cinema” every year.  In spite of all the challenges, we decided to give any possibility of physical participation. We’ve reserved time in the festival schedule for this. The total length of the films is 66 minutes.


Lo-Fi Social Club

Dada Ship

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (United States, 4 min)

dada ship

A Dadaist time travel film. A ship on the oceans of time, born out of a dream. Our dreams offer unparalleled luxury travel, after all. A celebration of all things queer and dada. A hand-made split-screen experimental film using the technique of disrupted stereoscopy and collage détournement of found images.

No Place

Eric Maurer (United States, 7 min)

No Place

A man explores an unseen house on an empty lot. The walls, the kitchen, the bed – exist only in his mind…or perhaps only in ours.

Kronstadt undertow

Carol Müller (France, 2 min)

Carol Müller

In Russia, Kronstadt is the seat of the admiralty of the Baltic fleet, but today like a large territory of Russia, some areas are completely abandoned and others seem entirely fixated on resisting a general movement towards decrepitude. Old Lada’s Taxi turns in a loop, in a story that has lost its direction.

Left one

Egor Isaev (Russian Federation, 22 min)

left one Isaev

Olga is a public school music teacher, whose orderly life takes a sharp turn after a call from an old acquaintance. A mutual friend has been badly wounded and needs help. To save his life, Olga is forced to go on a journey that will unearth her forgotten past.

The Photographer ФЭД 5 (FED 5)

Elliott Lytle (United States, 16 min)

After purchasing a 35 mm ФЭД 5 (FED 5) camera off EBay, a person begins to see in a whole new way. A meditation on the beauty of nature and the breaking down of the boundary between the seen and the see’er.

Don’t Let The Spoons Make Your Decisions

Jamal Zergani (Iran,  15 min)

Jamal Zergani

A black and white object that’s always with Vahid is involved in all of Vahid’s life decisions and causes some problems.

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