Human Dignity

The Human Dignity is the non-competition program of the 7th Short Movie Club Film Festival “NEFILTRAVANAE KINO”. The collection is dedicated to human rights. A collection of films is planned to be shown in Belarus in 2021 (in seven cities). The total length of the films is 95 minutes.

The Lost Pen

Beraat GOKKUS (France, 14 min)

Beraat GOKKUS film director of The Lost Pen

Karam is a Syrien poet and journalist who is in exile in France. He is living at the Maison des Journalistes, an association that hosts exiled journalists around the world in Paris. One day Karam has a new poem but he can not write it. Because he lost the pen that he uses when he is writing a poem. That pen a gift from his mother who lost her life during the Syrian civil war. Without this pen, Karam doesn’t write any poem. So he starts to search his pen in the Maison des Journalistes to be able to write again. < Film Website>


Moein Rooholamini (Iran, 5 min)

short film Leo

This film is dedicated to children all over the world who do not give up on their sweet dreams in the most difficult situations of their lives. < Website>

Happy Birthday

Ertan Doğan (Turkey, 4 min)

Short Film Human Rights

Soner has been confined to a wheelchair due to his cerebral palsy since birth.

He goes to a restaurant for a surprise birthday party with his parents and some relatives, a party that gets increasingly boring.

He can’t find a place for himself, a real presence in a day dedicated to him, in a restaurant, amongst people who are supposed to be there for him…

A Democratic Proposal

Chandana Prasanna (Sri Lanka, 18 min)

short film

Just after a proposed suitor and his family had visited and left, Kanchana’s whole family start to try and pitch her the marriage proposal. Kanchana, who didn’t like the idea of seeing proposed suitors in the first place, is annoyed, but find it hard to argue with the elders who aren’t ready to listen to her.
Amid one- sided arguments and emotional blackmailings from her family and relatives, she tries to build up some courage and figure out a way to escape.

If I were president

Andrea Arteaga Cote, Andrei Ramos Puerto (Mexico, 8 min)

short film human rights

The women of Tahdziú, Yucatán speak about their right to vote as indigenous women, they demand to be heard and taken into account in the decision-making of the community, where they have been despised because of the macho traditions and corrupt political parties. They get organized and speak about how to educate the next generations so there is gender equality and the voices of women are heard and respected. < Website>

Chile, Year 0

Gonzalo Díaz Oyola (Chile, 26 min)

short film human rights

A unemployed man with serious psychological problems, plans to assassinate the bank manager who has indebted him for going to university, but before he must solve pending issues with Irma, his ex-girlfriend, who, just as indebted and unemployed as he, has opted to be a bank teller and a prostitute in order to settle their expenses. In parallel, a bomb of mass destruction has fallen somewhere in Santiago, causing thousands of deaths, in front of political authorities who trying to solve the problem by further privatizing the lives of citizens.


Kirineos Papadimatos (Greece, 20 min)

short film

A veal has to be slaughtered by a butcher. But this veal is different than the others. It’s his ‘child’. The moment he decides to refuse the slaughter, he will be left only with the inspiration he gets from his art, his bouzouki, the only thing left for him in the future anyway.

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