The competitive fiction program of the 7th Short Movie Club Film Festival “NEFILTRAVANAE KINO”. The concept of the program is based on the postulate that films are not divided into feature and short films aesthetically. The total length of the films is 96 minutes.



Bear Hill Path

Tatjana Moutchnik (Germany, 19 min)

short film

Thorbjörn, an opera singer from Berlin, visits his parents in his Icelandic hometown. While they’re planning a party for his 40th birthday, Tobbi rather wants to hide away.


Kioumars Ahmadi (Iran, 11 min)

Kioumars Ahmadi extra

One extra in a film has to get slapped but he cant do it. so he goes to find someone for practicing the shot and his wife company him through it. < Film Website>


Daniel Howlid (Poland, 18 min)

short film "Ballast"

Family meeting. Lack of adult attention, upbringing mistakes, as well as unstable emotional ties and disrupted relationships, lead a young neglected child to destructive behaviour from which there is no turning back. Tragedy hangs by a thread…

Work Sample

Garry Savenkov (Germany, 9 min)

short film "Work Sample"

Middle Ages: Hans comes to an job interview for executioners. After a short conversation, he has to prove himself and demonstrate a sample of work!

Yathaarth (Truth)

Bibek Basumatary (India, 25 min)

short film of Bibek Basumatary

Having tracked down a defaulter Aanand, two debt collectors Ramesh and Sunil are driving down to collect. Ramesh is a high profile debt collector with years of experience. Sunil is a hustler, freshly in, aspiring to make it big. While on the road Ramesh keeps asking Sunil about things connected to some recent cases in which they are connected. With every question Ramesh keeps peeling off layers of Sunil’s character. Slowly Ramesh’s questions start to make Sunil uncomfortable, things start to heat up, almost to a point where Sunil snaps. Somehow lingering along a confusing conversation they ultimately reach their destination. Disguised as friends, they manage to enter the house easily. They are greeted by Gauri, Aanand’s wife and Sunaina the daughter; but Aanand, not around. Things get complicated when Gauri and Sunaina tell them very different things about Aanand’s whereabouts. They decide to play along nicely. This leads to a complicated set of dialogues with the truth getting buried deeper with every reveal. And then, something happens. < Film Website>

Good German Work

Jannis Alexander Kiefer (Germany, 14 min)

short film Kollegen

The two craftspeople Uli and Didi are working on a swastika in their workshop somewhere between rural idyll and village dreariness, wondering about the strange newcomers in the village.

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