Belarussian program

The competitive Belarussian program of the 7th Short Movie Club Film Festival “NEFILTRAVANAE KINO”. The total length of the films is 102 minutes.


Lo-Fi Social Club


Yulia Shatun (2019, 30 min)

The film starts as a voice message to an unknown person which the director is recording in a train nearing a boundary until the connection is interrupted.
Approaching the boundary of the country is transforming into searching for the boundaries of cinema and her own existence., The camera producing the atmosphere of a stretchy, but difficult to perceive time. The documentary shots of the cities existing now are combined with the shots of the same cities and people who passed away, captured 25 years ago by the director’s father. The space of four cities and dozens of years are fading away and eventually converging at one point – the black screen.
The journey is accompanied by the glimmering voice of the author who continues to record the voice message to an invisible person on the other end < Film Website>

Across the wishes

Arseniy Aleinik (2020, 12 min)

A mystical story about a young man who meets a Jinn. Shots with live actors are sometimes replaced by animations for a unique atmosphere.

Petra the Vampire or “What I do in self-isolation”

Alex Maximov (2020, 8 min)

Alex Maximov

The pandemic ruined the plans of ordinary people as well as … not ordinary beings. An honest story about the life in self-isolation. Please meet Petra the Vampire.


Anastasiya Sergienya (2020, 15 min)


Anna, a young woman from Belarus, tries to survive in New York City while dreaming of a better life. This intimate portrait of an individual showcases the experience of the American immigrant: loneliness, fear, happiness, self-realization, and ultimately hope.< Film Website>

 A few words about my mother and her dog

Tatiana Svirepa (2020, 17 min)

The events depicted in the film take place in a small town, at the time of the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. We don’t have a lockdown, so my mother continues to go to work, to the store, thinking about security measures as a necessity, but that thought is far from her. She is not taking the disease seriously, treating it as another element of the everyday bustle, which is integrated into everyday life, but far from рher nature. Mother relaxes and feels real only when she is together with nature: when she hugs her beloved dog and goes with it for a walk far away from everyday worries, when she spends time in memories and legends that she came up with, sadly realizing that tomorrow she will have to return to her unloved work again.

When I was General

Yuriy Semashko (2021, 12 min)

The incredible adventures of the General, who, on the orders of the Queen, went to distant lands to find a mysterious bird, the last hope of a dying kingdom.


Payarkau Siarhei (2020, 4 min)

psi msha

August 2020. To plan something seemed strange enough. Three of us, with no particular purpose,we go out of city… About an hour of filmed improvisation is edited into a four-minute film. Body, fear, passion, ambition, will, the desire to break free and humility – this is the space of this video.


Ilya Zhartun (2020, 2 min)

A short film about a person. People are often locked up. In a room or … in your mind. But wherever they are, they still have to play their part. Otherwise, emptiness …

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