1. The Short Movie Club (Unfiltered Cinema) Film Festival provides long-term research of contemporary short film creation context. The festival is non-institutional art activity. The festival belongs both to filmmakers and organizers. We are moving to self-organization, transparency and horizontal communication step by step.  The established submission fee is a kind of crowdfunding to support the project.
  2. Anybody can come and show his film to get feedback from the audience. The only filter is the time we have to show films within three days. In our experience, we had time to screen all movies of arrived participants.
  3. The festival tries to avoid «the best of the best» way but we don’t ignore it completely, sure. The festival selects fiction, animation, documentary, experimental and virtual reality sections. A jury awards the best film of every section.
  4. We accommodate selected participants at guesthouses. Other participants are lodged if there are free places. We involve cinema enthusiasts and volunteers that can host the rest guests of out-of-competition sections.
  5. And a submitting is not just a submitting. We suggest participating in our studies not annoying.
  6. The festival is held in February-March annually.  The precise date will be announced no later than within 5 months prior to the beginning of the festival.
  7. Venues are the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, cinema theatre «velcom-cinema«,  the Museum of Belarussian Cinema, the Art-Space Ok16.
  8. Films can be submitted through the website or festivals platforms. A participant does not need to fill any additional forms in the case of submitting via platforms.
  9. Films with runtime no longer than 35 minutes are allowed to participate in the festival. There is no limit on how many works one participant can send. TV-films and films for children are not accepted.
  10. The participant that sends application must guarantee observance of copyright on the works sent. All responsibility for copyright observance lies on the contestant.
  11. Each work must have a subtitle file attached separately. The subtitles must be in English and in SRT or SUB format. Use of any other format is allowed only after coordination with the organizing committee.
  12. The festival can share a press-kit, a trailer, a teaser of a submitted film for promotional purposes. Not more than 10 seconds of the submitted film in overall can be used for promotion on Internet or TV.