The schedule and programmes of the III SMC


July, 21 / National Centre for Contemporary Arts /

18.30 — Experimental Section lavr

Film Director Country
The Raven Sarah Rosenkrantz USA
Song Sotto Voce PIERRE BESSETTE Chile, France
Stuff As Dreams Guli Silberstein United Kingdom
In The June J Jesse Peterson Canada
00 (double zero) Alberto Martín-Aragón Spain
The warning Birgit Schürmann Germany
Transmission JULIA SOUCHTCHINSKAIA United Kingdom

19.30 — Animation Section lavr

Film Director Country
Playing House CENK KOKSAL Turkey
To Help Us Paula Durette USA
The Three Tales from Alexandria NATASZA CETNER United Kingdom
Dreamcaught NATASZA CETNER United Kingdom
Thr Fotorito´s World Gerardo Rivera; Efrén López; Mexico
Micro Giants Yifu Zhou China

22.00 — Unfiltered Cinema /Art-space «Miod»/ lavr


July, 22 / National Centre for Contemporary Arts /

16.00 — Documentary Section lavr

Film Director Country
Go Tallinn RIHO VASTRIK Estonia
The Last Signal Omar Shami Lebanon
Shishok Dmitry & Denis Lukaniny Russian Federation

18.00 — Fiction Section lavr

Film Director Country
Aurora DIEGO FANDOS Czech Republic, Spain
Beauty building Benoit Bargeton France
Gonna Be a Soldier Jonny Lewis United States
Claire & Bruno : a story of love and fresh meat Lionel Delebarre France

22.00 — Unfiltered Cinema /Art-space «Miod»/ lavr


July, 23

22.00 — Urban Cinema Vision / Open-air / lavr

хх.хх — AfterParty lavr

III SMC July, 2017

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National Centre for Contemporary Arts: 53.930005, 27.596460
Accommodation place: 53.916656, 27.660570
Art-space «Miod»: 53.926926, 27.613885
Urban Cinema Vision: 53.896711, 27.555889
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National Centre for Contemporary Arts
National Centre for Contemporary Arts, vulica Niakrasava, Minsk, Belarus
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Accommodation place
улица Парниковая 50, Минск, Беларусь
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Art-space «Miod»
улица Толбухина 4, Минск, Беларусь
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Urban Cinema Vision
улица Карла Маркса 12, Минск, Беларусь