2018 Unfiltered Cinema Section


Our aim is to gather people in art, to have a dialogue to be happy with smart communication. So we arrange Unfiltered Cinema Section for such purposes.

Title Director Lenght Country Category
The future is so bright Julien Eon 0:24:58 France Fiction
The Collar Viktoria Runtsova 0:23:00 Russia Fiction
Wherever you go, there you are Nicola Zambelli 0:28:10 Italy Documentary
The Burial Patricia Delso Lucas 0:07:39 Canada Experimental
To Garbo and Lenin Jessica Laurén 0:14:38 Sweden Animation
Long Life Sutra CHRITIS KONSTANTINOS 0:26:00 Greece Documentary
I Will Crush You & Go To Hell Fabio Soares, Célia Paysan 0:22:25 France Fiction
Africa Anastasia Shahvatova 0:29:00 Russia Fiction
Parallel World Tareq Baddar 0:08:00 Jordan Fiction
Hurt Moema Umann 0:03:41 Brazil Experimental
Bridge Artem Grot, Anton Titov 0:11:57 Russia Fiction
Crack Mika Koskinen 0:04:58 Finland Animation
The Rope Boris Dobrovolskiy 0:30:00 Russia Fiction
Donkey Hot Denis Vilenkin, Anton Fomochkin 0:25:52 Russia Fiction
The last transition from being to non-being Vladimir Bayandin 0:08:53 Russia Fiction
DNA Of Wild Beasts Delphine Montaigne 0:18:00 France Fiction
Shadow Abbas Sam 0:15:20 Iran Fiction