Cinemania levels

1. Casual viewer

As a rule it is a period of chips, beer and cinema trips with the friends. When beer and the friends are more important than a film. The film  is chosen according to publicity, starring and a principle that everybody has watched the film but I’m not.

2. Cinema amateur

Cinema amateur can watch the films with friends but without beer. And what is more important he can watch even without friends at home. He collects the films that are familiar to everybody. Sometimes he tries to watch the films more early than they are started exhibition in cinema theatres. Often he doesn’t watch to the end a film if it seems boring.

3. Advanced cinema amateur

It is a cinemania level when a person musters courage to go to the cinema by himself without friends. It is very important as he begins consciously going for the films only not for companionship or other reasons. He starts feel the interest in the names of the directors. He can begin searching favoured films.

4. Beginner movie enthusiast

He gets to make a clear distinction between a cheesy movies and not everybody’s films (i.e. for him). He interests in  arthouse mainly and he despises Hollywood pablum.  But he is thrilled by most cinema’s attractions. He begins searching purposefully the films of favoured directors and reading about cinematography. He expects that cinema astonishes him. He is sincerely delighted with and he expresses his WOW. He is cinema-hungry.

5. Veteran movie enthusiast

Often he is sicken of cinema’s attractions and trickeries. In common he doesn’t wonder them. He easily speaks in the names of the directors and quotes the films. He is able to recognize a film director through few cinema shots. He watches classical movies much and goes far back in history of cinematography. He gets the luxury of a recognition film’s quoting in the other film. He begins interest in cinematic idiom. He watches much but selectively, for example, according to the festival’s principle etc. He reads film critique and criticizes by himself. He feels more emotional quietness in relation to films, it is hard to astonish him. He is set critically and facilely expresses an opinion on some movie.

6. Cinema freak

It is the last  and most compulsive stage of cinemania. He can watch EVERYTHING! He doesn’t discern good and bad films. The same pleasure is to mark both director’s mastery and his mistakes. He follows any aspects of cinema idiom.