SMCFF 2020. How it was…

Going back to past events again. I wonder how we managed to get the festival through the last days before quarantine! This festival of 2020 can be rightly called a COVID film festival. Many of our guests, if they were able to come to the festival, have returned to quite different countries than those from which they left a few days ago. Perhaps another successful name for the festival could be “A feast during the plague”. The festival has become an indicator that death and danger can be nothing before human dialogue and creative endeavor…

The 6th Edition 2020 (March, 13-15) | WINNERS | PROGRAMMES

The video was kindly presented by a festival participant Michael Sagatis.

Film festival coordinator Alexander Martynyuk wearing a gas mask and a protective mask

The audience has filled the venues despite the disturbing news.

smcff 2020

The cinema theatre as well | © Photo by Antonina Betyunikova

Nefiltravanae Kino

The first day of the festival. The screening of the Unfiltered Cinema section.

film festival

At the National BelarusFilm Studio


“Action!” and “Cut!” at the 2d Stage of National FilmStudio

film festival

Where is COVID?

Film Studies conference

Film Studies Conference

Film Studies Conference

Film studies conference (1st day of the festival).

Proceeding book film study conference

Film studies conference proceeding.

Interview with Jonny Lewis

Goosing ultramodern project at the film festival

Presentation of the ADAMI award

Filmmakers of all countries, unite!.. through the rough COVID times


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