Unfiltered Cinema 2020


The Unfiltered Cinema section is screening with Q&A format. It implies discussion after the screening and further communication between participants and the local audience. The programs will be screened at the Social Club Lo-Fi (March 13, 2020), and Cultural Hub OK16 (March 15, 2020). 


| March 13 | Friday | 7 pm | Social Club Lo-Fi|

Title Director Lenght Country
Once upon a dream………I couldn’t find the way back Brunilda Castejon 0:04:00 Austria
Icarus Stops for Breakfast Abigail Zealey Bess 0:12:00 USA
War and Peace Alberto Caffarelli 0:30:00 Italy-Russia
The Teacher Maria Moreira 0:10:20 Portugal
Train Pulling into a Station in Iceland Maria Zaikina 0:13:30 Russia
Ecolove Dmitry Grigoriev 0:23:03 Russia
WILLPOWER Max E. Barnes Herrlander 0:15:07 United States
Valyuta Unai Alonso; 0:03:00 Spain
Icaro Gabriela Perera Vitlloch; 0:08:00 Cuba
NONAME Lamara Sogomonyan 0:02:49 Russian Federation
Studies at Huningue / Basel or the tree to sleep Lutz P. Kayser 0:10:35 Germany

| March 15 | Sunday | 6 pm | Cultural Hub OK16|

Title Director Lenght Country Category
THE TEA AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TEAPOT Lou Ma Ho 0:19:00 France Fiction
Long live Giulia Savorani 0:02:00 Italy Experimental
Man To Man James Ward Breen 0:05:45 Australia Fiction
Eavesdropper Ahmet Toğaç 0:22:32 Turkey Fiction
Paper worlds Sofya Leonidova 0:20:50 Russia Non-fiction
Józefa’s Letters Michael Daniel Sagatis 0:14:51 United Kingdom Non-fiction
I Have a Song to Sing You Eluned Zoë Aiano, Alesandra Tatić 0:05:40 Serbia Non-fiction
Dystopian Patterns Nouzha Isabelle 0:06:43 Belgium Experimental
A Surprise Kumara Raja 0:20:00 United Kingdom Experimental
VNV: An Essay on Existentialism Josef Khallouf 0:18:00 Lebanon Experimental
The Artifact Code Elliott Lytle 0:19:28 United States Fiction


The 6th edition of the SMCFF

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Lo-Fi Social Club: 53.889223, 27.571006
Accomodation place (K.Marx str): 53.900147, 27.562058
Accomodation place (Parus): 53.906715, 27.532629
Airport: 53.889368, 28.035135
Cultural Hub OK16: 53.888597, 27.578151
Press-club: 53.917085, 27.579310
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