Experimental Competitive Program 2020

The competitive experimental program of the 6th Short Movie Club Film Festival.




Guli Silberstein (United Kingdom, 6 min)

Guli Silberstein film director

A stream of audio-visual material interweaving environmental, cultural and social crises, addressing exploitation of both natural and human resources, in an astonished look at power, beauty and destruction and the overall meltdown of our balancing systems. The work overflows the viewer with images and sounds collected from online media and personal filming, echoing superfluous information, waste, unrest and natural disasters of todays.

The Names of Trees

Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran (United States, 4 min)

Images of decay and regeneration photographed using a video camera whose sensor has been modified for infrared photography create a post-apocalyptic, strangely beautiful, but disconnected world. A series of largely deserted rural and urban landscapes concretizes the bittersweet memories of a failed relationship that haunts the narrator in Pamela Falkenberg and Jack Cochran’s film-poem of Lucy English’s “The Names of Trees,” for her Book of Hours project.


Rene Smaal (Netherlands, 1 min)

Experimental short film program

A forest, a bicycle, a man. Where did they come from? Where do they go? And in what order? A film in the true surrealist tradition, in the sense, that only ‘found’ elements were used, and that it defies interpretation based on an ordinary cause-and-effect time sequence.

I am Home

Jerom Fischer, Boris Acket (Japan, 5 min)

As computers become more advanced each day, and artificial intelligence is on the verge of breaking through to our daily lives, the question of how well we’ll be able to understand this new technology becomes more and more interesting. After all, we don’t expect a dog to understand what happens in our mind, so how can we expect to know what an AI is thinking when it’s much more advanced than we are? Our only reference is our own experience as human beings.

W∞ – Heritage of Soul

Takeshi Inoue (Japan, 8 min)

This is the small town in Japan called Onomichi.

Recycled Memories

Patrick Gregg (United States, 13 min)

“Recycled Memories” is a meditation on captured media and public memory in a post-digital economy. Incorporating found footage with scenes shot on expired film stocks, “Recycled Memories” raises questions about, the individual subjectivity of memory, the inaccuracy of memory, and the struggle to remain present. This film also contextualizes the experimental practices found in the author’s other work, providing a narrative that ties together the purely abstract work in Patrick Gregg’s filmography.


Vasilios Papaioannu (United States, 8 min)

The conversation—between sound and image, seasons come and gone, natural and altered landscapes, and an unseen man and woman—begins as a duet between a video diary and a field recording, and ends as an archive of the possibilities hibernating in each moment.

Plastic Flowers

Υannis Zafiris (Greece, 4 min)

A fairy poisons the waters of the village. He is coming back thirsty. As he is looking for the fountain, he faces a desert place and some plastic flowers. A horse and a dog will keep him company till the end.