The competitive animation program of the 7th Short Movie Club Film Festival “NEFILTRAVANAE KINO”. The animation program included films revealing existential questions of present-day Europe, cutting-edge works, and, of course, a new genre of animation in self-isolation. The total length of the films is 63 minutes.



Riga’s Lilac

Lizete Upite (France, 14 min)

Riga's Lilac (short film)

What is an unpleasant body odor and would it be possible to forbid it in public places ? < Film Website>

Per Aspera Ad Astra

Franck Dion (France, 11 min)

Per Aspera Ad Astra (short film)

The daily life of a little hen housekeeper, torn between her work, her children and her old mother. < Film Website>


Amélie Cochet, Louis Möhrle (Switzerland, 6 min)

IHR (THEM) is the story about a building with an inner courtyard an its inhabitants. While the different character follow their everyday routines, trash slowly begins to pile up in the courtyard. What seems harmless in the beginning, one night escalates to a total disaster.


Rusty Eveland (United States, 3 min)

Two stray shopping carts meet for a beatbox battle. < Film Website>

Escape Velocity

Tamás Rebák (Hungary, 8 min)

animation short film

Escape velocity: the minimum speed needed for an object to escape from the gravitational influence of a massive body, without ever falling back.

An astronaut awakens in an abandoned cave of a strange planet. An interstellar vagabond, so to say. A light path leads him to the surface, where he looks at his compass and heads for his spaceship. He keeps glancing back, treading nervously, looking afraid. He has been chased by a creature for a long time, and his only way to break free is to escape this curious planet. < Film Website>

Lizard Ladder

Ted Wiggin (United States, 5 min)

animatiom short film

Animals encounter a ball that gives magical powers and sows conflict between them. < Film Website>

Box of Memories

Felicitas Yang (France, 4 min)

short film

“Box of Memories” opens a small window into an intimate dialogue between two individuals who used to be close to each other. < Film Website>

Isolation Animation

Ruth Ducker (United Kingdom, 12 min)

animation short film isolation

This is a film that started as a distraction and became a shared experience. The idea was simple, to make a short piece of animation that represented each persons experience of the lockdown. There was one rule, that each animator started their work from the last frame of the previous animator. They were given no other information than their starting frame. The results are diverse and uplifting.

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