Pandemia Film Festival

film festival

Description & Idea

COVID made his adjustments in the festival circuit. Many festivals are cancelled or postponed. Curfews or state of emergency has been enforced in the streets. Oh, yeah, it reminds a story from disaster films. We don’t know how long it’ll last. They say it’s long.
Modern times require modern solutions. That solution would be a pandemic online film festival. We aim to make this festival a safe harbor in quarantine times. Perhaps it will be a platform for close communication and exchange in an age of economic collapse and border closures. Feedback, exchange of experience, search for solutions in this situation – these are the reasons why we do this festival.

Rules & terms, awards

“The Pandemia” is an online festival. Therefore, the authors must be ready to provide the film for public viewing online. Participation does not imply any fees. Films must be in English or subtitled in English.
The festival awards the best films in each section. The best films will be announced and shown in the Mediazone Online Magazine (the audience reaches 70k).


  • Short Films on pandemics, quarantine, disaster, crisis themes.
  • Room stories. Movies shot in home prison during the quarantine.
  • Uncategorized (under 30 min)

Selected Films

PAUSE (dir. Charly Wenzel | US | 5 min)

PAUSE is a collaboration of 42 artists from over 10 countries, who contributed their work in the form of dance, poetry, photography and music, expressing their state of being during the Corona Virus pandemic.
This film is a representation of an international community of artists coming together in a time of crisis in order to share their common experience and to inspire a global community of audiences.

Holidays² (dir. Thanos Liberopoulos | Greece | 1 min)

This is an one minute film for the people who dream of holidays.

Isolation – A Tale in a Pandemic World (dir. João Micuanski | Brazil | 6 min)

Stuck at home during the isolation of a pandemic, a man is confronted by his own thoughts and reflections about the times and society he belongs to.