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Is the best what they say it is? The topic of “The Best” arises with the issue of choice in the context of supply and demand. What does “the best” mean in the rich palette of film festivals today? Let’s break down what the criteria might be in the ranking. What types and kinds of[…]


Does it really seem that the issues of independent cinema are no longer relevant and are already in the past? Is filmmaking turning into the destiny of balding veterans? Information and media trends are changing very fast in the world. Teenagers hardly use Facebook or Twitter anymore. Instagram is getting older, too. The same thing[…]

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April COVID-cinema news

Updated lists of film grants, free courses, streams, and major festivals … April COVID news Well, they say it’s a tough time for the film industry. We have updated the list of film grants for 2020. We also want to present you a mini-guide to the most prestigious film festivals. Look details here Did you know that Toronto[…]

What film festivals should i submit to?

What film festivals should I submit to? The festivals landscape is not the same as it was five or ten years ago. There are thousands of festivals you can find on the Filmfreeway. Their number reaches 10.000 almost. Majority of the festivals demands entry fee. Thus a festival circuit can be not cheap for a[…]