Genius loci weimar 2020

Genius Loci Weimar

Genius Loci Weimar: Video Mapping – Immersive & Barrier-free It can be said that a person lives in an artificial environment. Since some time, the physical environment has been supplemented by the digital environment, if no substitution has taken place. In other words, the virtual world has become a reality. And we are dealing with[…]

What film festivals should i submit to?

What film festivals should I submit to? The festivals landscape is not the same as it was five or ten years ago. There are thousands of festivals you can find on the Filmfreeway. Their number reaches 10.000 almost. Majority of the festivals demands entry fee. Thus a festival circuit can be not cheap for a[…]

Film festival call for entries

FILM FESTIVAL CALL FOR ENTRIES The Unfiltered Cinema Film Festival call for entries is open! The Short Movie Club kindly invites filmmakers, cinematographers, video artists, directors, distributors, agencies submit short films. Movies are accepted for the 6th edition of the Unfiltered Cinema Film Festival. The short film festival includes four categories. The fiction, experimental, documentary,[…]