– – Do you know that a movie expert can characterize a film by its first opening titles?

– – Really? No, it can’t be!

The initial appearances really can tell us a lot. On the one hand, it can be an indication of the author’s national, political, and ethical conventions. This can be evidenced, for example, by the prefatory text “in the name of God” in Iranian films, “smoking kills” in Indian short films, and “no animal is harmed” in European or American works.

On the other hand, aspiring ambitious authors often mimic the opening credits of major film studios. In that case, we are most likely facing a debut. Often innocent and marginal. And thus ruthless. And this is especially interesting for the crazed film geeks, for sure.

Unlike an everyman, a cinephile sits in the cinema until the end. Even when the lights turn on and the last title has not disappeared over the edge of the projection.

Indeed we do. In selecting movies for the film festival, we watch them to the end. All the way to the end. 

We’ve compiled a list of films from the VIII NEFILTRAVANAE KINO film festival with the fascinating closing credits design.

List of short films in order of appearance.

💥 #Glitch – objects by Kostiantyn Mishchenko (USA, 10 min)

💥 Karoshi by Geerten Harmens (Netherlands, 19 min)

💥 Human Walkers in Motion by Ethann Néon (Belgium, 10 min)

💥 Kosberg made it by Maksim Ishchenko (Russia, 24 min)

💥 Cinema by Theodore Knighton (USA, 15 min)

The design of the final credits of the film is important not only as a tribute, but also as an inseparable part of the artistic work.

If this is not your case, it is possible to download free end credits templates.