Fiction Section

21-00 FEBRUARY, 24



Sara Gracia Jimenez (Spain, 4 min)

Laughter: Movement of the mouth and other parts of the face, that express happiness. What if someone doesn’t know how to do it?


Karim Ouelhaj (Belgium, 29 min)

Tundra is the chaotic odyssey of « the greek », a man who faces the irrational violence of the modern society and loses control. Destitued of everything except his critical sense, he lets himself drift along with the current. With humor, and sometimes with ferocity, he will continue his quest of freedom in a poetical and surrealistic world.


Yves Chaudouët (France, 27 min)

In his house settled as a clock, Louis, a young heir, is suddenly attracted by a stroller whom he considers misled. The young woman is in reality one of “her” domestics whom he notices only because she changed status.


Michael Podogil (Austria, 17 min)

A young couple in love experiences an evening of theater that changes their lives dramatically. A brutal confrontation with the zeitgeist.


Kirineos Papadimatos (Greece, 13 min)

The night comes to its end at the greek nightclub (bouzouki-dance floor). It’s five o’clock in the morning. The few last clients left at the club are clapping out of habit for the opening singer while she finishes her appearance with a long ‘goodnight’.
Nobody could have guessed what would happen when the leading star of the night program, the famous singer Koureas, begins to sing his brand new hit, a zeibekiko* song called, ‘the bearded man’.
A sequence of ecstatic events? A raised challenge? Hugs hanged on alcohol?
Maniera Greca or in other words, the way the world goes round?
We are the witnesses of the clients leaning on their drinks with their eyes on us, our eyes on them and Katerina Gogou, still looking straight to all of us…37 years later.


Jan Chramosta, Janek Cingroš (Czech Republic, 7 min)

A man who comes to the cafeteria manages to turn someone else´s world upside down.


Kaveh Mazaheri (Iran, 19 min)

In the corner of the home, Maryam’s husband does weightlifting. Suddenly, the weight falls on his throat and puts him between life and death. Maryam tries to save him, but she just decides to stop helping and stand and watch her husband’s death. After she makes sure her husband is dead, gathered her stuff and goes out with her child. During the day, she pretends her husband is got disappeared and she does not have any news.