4d edition film festival

The 4d Edition of the Unfiltered Cinema (Short Movie Club) Film Festival

2018 (Feb, 23-25)


National Centre for Contemporary Arts |Cinema theater “Silver Screen” | OK16 | History Museum of Belarussian Cinema | Art-space “MIOD”.

Belsat TV piece of the 4th Short Movie Club FF

Television piece of the Fourth Short Movie Club Film Festival (Unfiltered Cinema) in Minsk

Опубликовано Short Movie Club Четверг, 3 мая 2018 г.

(participants of the fiction section during a discussion…)

(Music band EKSTATIKA)

(Screening and after-party on February 23)

(Fiction section at “velcom-cinema” on February 24)

(Music band WARSOBA, Art-space MIOD, February 23)

(discussing at National Centre for Contemporary Arts on February 24)

(Screening before…)

(Daria Amialcovich is a jury member)

(Virtual Reality section at Ok16)

(Virtual Reality Section …)

(Film industry exhibition…)

(Belarussian participants of the festival…)

(Music band UNB)

(summarising of the festival…)


The far and weird side of the festival…

The festival backstage… incredible experience? Does it seem strange or weird? Imagine that you are part of cinema, good cinema…