Making A Case for the Short

Making A Case for the Short The article “Making A Case for the Short” was submitted on behalf of the Lake Travis Film Festival. The Lake Travis Film Festival (LTFF) is a new festival with an eye to showcasing filmmakers and screenwriters from around the globe with authenticity, vision, and purpose. The festival aims to connect[…]

Cinemania Stages

Cinemania Stages The text was provided by is a community of cinema enthusiasts, that is based on P2P principles. The article is an attempt to describe the evolutional way from a pop-corn amateur to a cinema-freak. Suggested six cinemania stages describe behavioral changes of a cinema lover. This classification is based on fiction, and[…]

Short Film Ideas

SHORT FILM IDEAS In this article, we are focused on short film ideas. Filmmakers, film school students ask how do you get ideas for short films? or what should I write a short film about? Also, the question can be put in another way: How do you write a short film script?/ How do you brainstorm a short[…]


CAN WE MEASURE HAPPINESS* OF FILMMAKING? *In this article I express happiness in terms of satisfaction with achieving one’s aims in filmmaking. Two months ago I sent a survey out to filmmakers, asking them to clearly state the reasons they are still part of the filmmaking community. Also, I asked them for such details as[…]